Providing mediation, training, and consulting services to parties in conflict and to those interested in learning about alternative dispute resolution methods and concepts.

  • Working exclusively as a mediator since 1999
  • Presiding over 435 mediations with an 85% success rate
  • Managing the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s mediation program in the Pacific Northwest for nine years
  • Contracting with the Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Francisco District Offices of the EEOC to mediate cases in twelve western states
  • Planning and participating in training programs for experienced and aspiring mediators and for the advocates of parties participating in mediations
  • Serving as lead or co-counsel in hundreds of court cases over thirty years including precedent setting and class action cases
Photograph of Stephen M. Randels

“During his exemplary service as an attorney with the Commission, [he] successfully challenged unlawful discriminatory practices in many significant individual and class action cases which brought relief to thousands of individuals and resulted in millions of dollars in benefits to victims of discrimination.”

- EEOC resolution honoring Steve Randel’s service.


“I was greatly impressed by Steve’s performance. In my view as an attorney for some 23 years, he has clearly set the bar by which all mediators are to be measured.”

- From anonymous participant survey